SERPClick – Independent
Sites Promotion

Automatic SERPClick system provides services to promote site on technology of improve social and behavioral factors. This is the best way to achieve TOP in search engine Bing and Google!

SERPClick Benefits
  • Real visitors come to your website only

  • Clean Interface: 3 clicks to set up a campaign

  • Detailed reporting with screenshots for each visitor

Преимущества SERPClick
SERPClick finds your website search queries from the first 5 search pages and adds them to the project.
SERPClick calculates the number of visits you need for each query and distributes tasks to people.
Users type the search query in the search engine, find your website and visit it.
Users visit several pages on your website (it is usually Contact Us, Delivery and Payments pages)
Users leave your website and return to search
As the result of this activity, search engines get the user behavior signal that your website creates positive user behavior patterns and thus moves your website closer to the 1st page.
  • Nikolay Khivrin
    CEO, ALTWeb Group
    User behavior is crucial for the website search rank. SERPClick makes it easy to invite people to the website and thus move closer to the 1st page by improving user behavior data.
  • Dmitry Sevalnev
    Head of SEO at Pixel Plus
    SERPClick makes it possible to improve the dependency between the search query and the relevant user behavior factors, such as CTR, number of views, return to search and others. It is the right solution for SEO professionals.
  • Artur Lapytov
    Head of SEO at SEO-Intellect
    SERPClick knows the complicated search algorithm requirements for user behavior and creates an automated campaign to make your website satisfy them.